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Nitrile Rubber Thermal insulation

Nitrile Rubber Thermal Insulation

Nitrile is a closed-cell, elastomeric material which is produced in pre- formed sheets and pipe sections. These products meet insulation requirements in diverse fields such as the automobile, air conditioning & refrigeration industry,construction segment, hospitals, pharma industries, hotels and cold storage industries due to its thermal & acoustic properties.
Acoustic Properties:

Elastomeric nitrile rubber Acoustic absorber having open cell structure with complex pore geometry for effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad range of frequencies. The high density provides an effective barrier to sound transmission. The elastic properties helps to dampen the structure-borne noise transmission.

Completely closed cell elastomeric nitrile insulation
Quick and easy to install with no special tools.
Flexible, durable and easy to handle.
Excellent compression strength due to closed cell structure.
Contains no chlorinated or dangerous substance.

Superior thermal insulation properties over other open or closed cell insulation material due to high water vapour resistance property of nitrile rubber.

Very high diffusion resistance and no cladding required if installed inside.
Duct Insulation.
Roof Insulation.
Cold Storage Applications.
Raised Floor Insulation.
Solar Plumbing Applications.

Underslab Insulation.

Transport Segment AC Units
General Thermal Insulation Chilled Water (large diameter pipes, tanks, vessels, etc).
AC Unit Insulation Refrigerants Piping (internal insulation of units, evaporators, etc).