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Mini-pleated HEPA filters are used for terminal filtration in environments and industries requiring extremely high level of cleanliness, e.g., electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food processing tc.
Leakage testing by unit before leaving factory and provide testing report.
  Technical Specification
  Frame :
  Aluminium / Galvanized steel / SS 304
  Flange / Box Type
  H-13/ H14
  Particulate Efficiency :
  99.97 % - 99.99 % Down to 0.3 Micron
  Gas Kit :
  Food Grade
  Temperature :
  Sealent :
  Media :
  Submicronic Glass fiber paper Imported
  Standard Size
610mm x 610mm x 69 915mm x 610mm x 69
610mm x 305mm x 69 1220mm x 610mm x 69
915mm x 915mm x 69