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Uniform pleating ensures better Flow.
Aluminum separators ensures better that pleats retains their V shape.
High efficiency filters, very good protection for terminal HEPA.
  Technical Specification
  Frame :
  Aluminium / Galvanized steel / SS 304
  Flange / Box Type
  F-8 / F-9
  Particulate Efficiency :
  50% down to 0.3 Micron Particles
  Gas Kit :
  Food Grade
  Temperature :
  Sealent :
  Polyurethane / Epoxy 
  Media :
  Submicronic Glass Fiber Paper
  Standard Size
610mm x 610mm x 150 610mm x 610mm x 300
610mm x 305mm x 150 610mm x 305mm x 300
305mm x 305mm x 150 305mm x 305mm x 305