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Fiber Glass Wool Thermal Insulation
Flexible Duct
  A Modular and Economical Air Distrinction System with Maintenance Free Life
Reduces Total Installed Cost - Fast and Easy to Install.
Air Tight - No Air Leakage, No Fiber Erosion.
Insulation - Class 'O' rated Glass Wool.
Core Material - Low Friction Loss, Strong and Flame Resistant.
Vapour Barrir - Reinforced for Maximum Toughness and Tear Resistance.
Wire - Strong and Non Corrosive.
Fiber Glass Wool Thermal Insulation
Fiber Glass Wool is a lightweight, compressible insulation material, consisting of fine, long, inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a high temperature binder. The product is light gold in colour and its superior tensile strength, handleability and resilience offer significant advantages during transport and installation.

These unique characteristics of glass wool, combined with its fire safe properties, make it especially suitable for a wide variety of thermal and acoustic insulation applications, ranging from duct and metal roof insulation to applications in solar collectors and generator acoustic enclosures.It is available in rolls, slabs and boards - in various densities and thicknesses and with a wide range of factory applied facings. The product is recommended for use in both hot and cold applications.

Fiber Glass Wool Pipe Section

Customised, factory finished, designed for easy and rapid “snap-on” installation, Fiber Glass Wool Preformed Pipe Sections are a one piece moulded insulation made from glass fibers bonded together with a high temperature resistant binder for pipe diameters from 20mm NB to 300mm NB. Fiber Glass Wool Preformed Pipe Sections are available with and without factory laminated aluminium foil facings.