Features & benefits

Hygiene & Air Quality

  • No release of particles due to internal aluminum surface
  • Improved Air Quality as the aluminum surface prevents growth of bacteria and fungi.
Air Seal

  • Invisible flanging system ensures a low level of Air Leaks when compared to conventional ducts.
  • Elimination of the longitudinal leaks and the reduction of ones at the transversal junction.
Superior thermal Insulation

  • High thermal insulation with closed cell structure and superior thermal conductivity @ 0.019 W/(mk)
Fire Resistance

  • Self-extinguishing properties
  • Low fire participation
  • No flaming droplets

  • Possibilities to fabricate & repair ducts at the workshop or directly at the site.
  • Ease of transport

  • Lightness of MechEasy PID ensures easy installation and reduced weight on the structures.
  • Less labor time and materials cut the cost of installation.
Environmental Friendly

  • CFC, HCFC free production makes MechEasy PID environmentally friendly and eligible for green building concept.

  • Low thermal values and reduced air leakage helps in Energy saving and operating cost.