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Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

Mechduct is a synthetic rubber, based, specialty formulation developed taking in to consideration the application needs & performance requirements of various HVAC & insulation in industrial & Residential projects.

It is recommended as an adhesive to bond Galvanized Iron or Aluminum duct surface to Nitrile rubber or crossed linked Polyethylene foam to provide insulation to AC ducts, Chilled water pipe lines, reaction vessels in various industrial & residential projects. Due to mild smell the product can be conveniently applied in low ventilated project sites at remote places.

AC Ducting / Air Ventilation System - Fabrication of AC ducts - To bond Nitrile Rubber, Crossed linked Polyethylene Foam , to Duct surface
Chilled Water piping - To bond Nitrile Rubber, Crossed linked Polyethylene Foam , to MS pipe lines
Acoustic Insulation - To Bond Nitrile Rubber to Concrete walls, Vertical surfaces & Duct lining with Nitrile rubber.
Benzene Free Formulation
Environment Friendly Green Adhesive.
Excellent Performance for critical jobs on curved surfaces
Excellent Spring Back Resistance
Rapid Strength Development
Excellent Water & Heat Resistance
Excellent Bond Durability ( aging resistance)
Low Thermal Conductivity
Superior Performance at Sub Zero Temperatures
Excellent adhesion to Multiple Substrates Viz .Nitrile Rubber, Glass Wool, XPE Foam, Galvanized Iron, Aluminum etc
Long Shelf Life
Clean the substrates to be bonded so that they are free from oil etc.
Stir the adhesive well before use.
Apply Mechduct on both the substrates uniformly by spreader/ Brush, First on Non porous substrate & then on Porous substrates.
Once the adhesive becomes touch dry( when tack is developed) press both the ad substrates together ensuring uniform contact so that air pockets are not formed
Cure for 24 hrs at ambient
  Precautions & Limitations
Keep the containers closed when not in use. The adhesive contains flammable solvents so precautions are required in storing of the adhesive. . Care is required to be taken so that Adhesive or vapors from adhesive will not come in contact with fire spots, necked flames or Welding spots on shop floor/ working site.